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serious_fiction's Journal

Story Writing for Those Who Care
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This community, in a nustshell, is for writers who wish to post short fiction for critique.
The name "serious fiction" does not mean to imply a lack of humor; it is simply based on the notion that this community is for writers with serious intentions.
The rules are scant, but here they are:

1) Post stories using lj-cuts, please.

2) Include on the board the title (if you have one) and possibly a few words about how the story/characters came about.

3) Wait your turn! While their are no time-related posting limits, you should not post more than three times in a row.

4) Try to comment on at least one other story for every post you make.

Other than that, you can do what you want. And, because we use lj-cuts, your story can be as long as you want it to be.
Ifthere is a writer who has influenced you somehow who is not listed in the interests, just e-mail beat_fan at zyxek@hotmail.com, and she or he will be added in a timely manner.